Rachel Blair is a sports and remedial massage therapist. After initially training in sports massage she quickly realized the benefits massage has for everyone and that it shouldn’t be limited to sports people. As a keen rider and swimmer she understands the importance of keeping the body fully functioning in order to enjoy activity, whatever that may be. Rachel’s treatments focus on getting the body back to its best and allowing people to get back to what you love doing. 

Following her love for horses Rachel spent a number of years working in horse racing, she later went on to work as a trainer and assessor within the leisure industry.  

Initially inspired by watching an equine chiropractor at work and following a few visits for herself (after numerous falls and the demands of a physical job) Rachel saw the benefits of chiropractic and began exploring training options. She enrolled at McTimoney college in Manchester and is currently in her fourth year of study. Once qualified she hopes to go on and complete training in animal chiropractic allowing her to treat dogs,horses and everything in-between.