The Health Barn

Pamper Sessions

The Health Barn, Askham, provides a relaxing and tranquil space for health and wellbeing. There are a range of therapies available. Whether you require improved sporting performance, conditioning, support with injury, rehabilitation or general relaxation and stress relief our team has a client centred approach with treatments tailored to individual needs. If you would like to explore naturopathic nutrition or require guidance and expertise for mental health it’s all available here.  

Our Health Barn is unique and we never offer treatments without good explanations and consultations. Our therapists are highly qualified and it is never a case of ‘in and out’ sessions. We all give our undivided attention and share any knowledge with you that may help any health issue should you need it. We are always available for a chat and allow plenty of time for you to ask questions before or after your sessions.

After an active day in and around Askham, choose from our regular treatments or if you have more time perhaps have a bespoke aromatherapy massage or make use of the only floatation tank in Cumbria then relax in the tranquil and supportive environment of The Health Barn. Better yet treat yourself to one of the Health Barn’s Signature Treatments during your stay.


We have designed these sessions to offer you the chance to totally switch off, relax and focus on your wellbeing.

Pamper Sessions are different in that they allow extra time both for the treatment and relaxation with light refreshments in our chill out area.

All of these sessions include a consultation and can be altered to focus on your specific health needs.

Floatation Therapy

1 hour 30 minutes

Floating therapy is a most incredible means of stress relief, muscular relaxation, pain relief and the ultimate in peace and tranquility offering you the chance to regain physical, emotional and psychological health and a good sleep pattern.

Floatation to Benefit Us All:

Sports people: deep muscular relaxation, enhancement of performance using visualisation, which accelerates the healing progress of any injuries.

Business People: complete physical and mental de-stressing, rejuvenates energy levels and enhances creativity.

Students: stimulates creativity and promotes clarity of the thought process.

Long Term Illness: allowing the body to relax, helps ease muscular aches and pains thereby promoting the body's inate healing ability.



with Christine

1 hour 15 minutes

A hands on therapy of the feet which are a reflection of our body using reflex points.

Enjoy a full hour of this relaxation session allowing the whole body and mind to be treated in order let go of tension and restore balance.


Luxury Reflexology

with Christine

2 hours

This is the opportunity to enjoy not only the benefits that Reflexology with Christine may bring but allow you the time to indulge in a luxury version.
We begin the relaxation process by having your feet placed in our foot spa while enjoying a drink in our tranquil surroundings to help melt the stresses away.

An oil infused foot massage will follow with your feet being wrapped and placed in a heated slipper for the relaxation to continue before laying back and enjoying your reflexology treatment. 

You can choose a foot scrub or aromatherapy oil from the Neal's Yard Organic range.  


Reiki Reflexology

with Christine

1 hour 15 minutes

Expanding on the reflexology session by bringing in the universal life force energy to take relaxation to a deeper level and creating further balance through the body and mind on an energetic level.


Usui Reiki

with Christine

1 hour

The simplest definition of the word Reiki is: (rei) universal or spiritual (ki) life force energy. Reiki is a gentle, yet profound, non-invasive therapy that works well with other complementary therapies and orthodox medicine.

It is a process where the reiki flows through the practitioners hands placed upon different areas of the body working on the etheric energy levels to bring balance as a whole; physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. The principles of reiki are respect and do no harm and only flow as to what the receiver needs at the time. 


Kundalini Reiki

with Christine

1 hour

This is quite different to traditional Usui reiki. Combining the universal energy and the Kundalini, the energy of creation, this works at a deeper level.


Angelic Reiki

with Conchita

1 hour

Hands on and off the recipients body is used to guide this powerful healing modality that works with the highest energies of the angelic realm. Working to bring balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit whilst creating a sense of relaxation.


Holistic Facial

with Christine

1 hour

Holistic Facial Massage is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. The facial includes massage techniques, acupressure points, and lymphatic drainage and in an eclectic mix of techniques ranging from Indian and Japanese Face Massage including the shoulders and neck. 

This Holistic Facial in essence is rejuvenating and could be compared to a non surgical face lift, unlike actual facial surgery it has no side effects, is extremely relaxing and anyone of any age can benefit from it.  It is said to benefit overall health, enhances the complexion of the skin, firms, lifts and tones the facial muscles, reduces wrinkles, improves sagginess, promotes a youthful appearance and makes you feel great and glowing!


Luxury Holistic Facial

with Christine

1 hour 30 minutes

We also offer a luxury holistic facial which is the above including a facial using Neal's Yard Organic products. Facial Reflexology points can be added to these sessions to make it a whole body treatment.


Botanicals Organic Facials

with Hazel

This indulgent facial uses the special synergy of organic botanicals to strengthen and revitalise your skin; leaving you with a glowing complexion.

A gorgeously pampering face massage, smoothes away fine lines and daily stresses.  Whilst the nutrient rich mask clears your skin, drift away with a relaxing scalp, foot or hand massage.


Botanicals Organic Facial (1 hour) £70

Botanicals Organic Back Massage and Facial (1hour 30minutes) £90

Swedish Massage

with Conchita

Deep tissue body massage using percussion & deep kneading movements to release muscle tension from over exertion or stiffness. Massage uses therapeutic essential oil blend specifically chosen for its anti-spasmodic & muscle relaxing properties.

Back Neck and Shoulders or lower back and legs - 1 hour £75

Full Body - 1 hour 30 minutes - £95

Botanicals Organic Massages

with Hazel

Your chosen fusion of organic plant and flower oils rebalance your body and retune your mind, leaving you with a sense of inner calm and harmony.

Botanicals Organic Body Massage (1 hour) - £75

Botanicals Organic Back, face and scalp (1 hour) - £75

Botanicals Organic Full Body Massage (1.5 hours) - £95

Botanicals Organic Total Tranquility Massage (2 hours) - £160

 Aromatherapy Massage

with Conchita

A nurturing, relaxing treatment enhanced by the use of therapeutic grade speciality essential oils pre-mixed to assist normalise both emotional mood and physical well being.

Back, Neck and Shoulders or lower back and legs - 1 hour - £85

Full Body - 1 hour 30 minutes - £110

Bespoke Aromatherapy Treatment Massage

with Conchita

Confidential Individual consultation focusing on client overall wellbeing from all levels, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. Bespoke therapeutic grade essential oils blended to suit and then used in a relaxing/comforting massage concentrating on the circulatory & nervous systems of the body.

This treatment includes a 5ml bottle of the bespoke essential oil blend & instructions to take home

1 hour 30mins - £110

2 hours - £160