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Holistic Treatments

Holistic medicine Holistic treatments considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness and gaining balance

We currently offer……


Aromatherapy Massage with Conchita

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils derived from plants to achieve therapeutic benefits. In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are usually mixed with a carrier oil like sweet almond, apricot kernel, or grapeseed oil.

The overall purpose of aromatherapy can help to improve your physical and mental well-being, relieve stress and help to refresh your body.

45 minutes

Bespoke Aromatherapy Treatment Massage with Conchita

Confidential Individual consultation focusing on client overall wellbeing from all levels, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. Bespoke therapeutic grade essential oils blended to suit and then used in a relaxing/comforting massage concentrating on the circulatory & nervous systems of the body. This treatment includes a 5ml bottle of the bespoke essential oil blend & instructions to take home

1 hour 30 minutes


The simplest definition of the word Reiki is: (rei) universal or spiritual (ki) life force energy. Reiki is a gentle, yet profound, non-invasive therapy that works well with other complementary therapies and orthodox medicine.

Usui Reiki with Christine

Traditional Usui Reiki flows through the practitioners hands placed upon different areas of the body working on the etheric energy levels to bring balance as a whole; physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. The principles of reiki are respect and do no harm and only flow as to what the receiver needs at the time. 

Reiki is a hands on/off form of energy healing which may benefit those with anxiety, stress, and pain who prefer a treatment where they are fully clothed, either lying down or in a chair. The client comes away feeling a sense of inner peace and balance on all levels.

45 minutes

Kundalini Reiki with Christine

This is quite different to traditional Usui reiki. Combining the universal energy and the Kundalini, the energy of creation, this aims to work at a deeper level.

45 minutes

Angelic Reiki with Conchita

Hands on and off the recipients body is used to guide this powerful healing modality that works with the highest energies of the angelic realm. Working to bring balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit whilst creating a sense of relaxation.

45 minutes


Holistic Facial Massage is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. The facial includes massage techniques, acupressure points, and lymphatic drainage and in an eclectic mix of techniques ranging from Indian and Japanese Face Massage including the shoulders and neck. 

Holistic Facial with Christine

This Holistic Facial in essence is rejuvenating and could be compared to a non surgical face lift, unlike actual facial surgery it has no side effects, is extremely relaxing and anyone of any age can benefit from it.  It is said to benefit overall health, enhances the complexion of the skin, firms, lifts and tones the facial muscles, reduces wrinkles, improves sagginess, promotes a youthful appearance and makes you feel great and glowing!

45 minutes

Botanicals Organic Facials with Hazel

This indulgent facial uses the special synergy of organic botanicals to strengthen and revitalise your skin; leaving you with a glowing complexion.

A gorgeously pampering face massage, smoothes away fine lines and daily stresses.  Whilst the nutrient rich mask clears your skin, drift away with a relaxing scalp, foot or hand massage.

Botanicals Organic Facial (1 hour)

Botanicals Organic Back Massage and Facial (1.5 hours)

Chinese Fire Cupping

with Christine

Chinese Fire Cupping is a ancient for of therapy and is very relaxing. Cups are applied onto the skin and a suction is created, pulling the skin up. Its aim is to increase blood flow to certain areas to the body and may loosen tight muscles and stubborn knots of tension. Fire Cupping can also works on the blood and lymphatic circulation, ridding toxins from the body and promoting good health.

45 minutes