Body Logic

With Rachel Blair

rach head massage shot.jpg

A great believer that we are all individuals, Rachel tailors her treatments to each person and works together to achieve your goals, whether that is running a marathon or being able to do the gardening pain free. Rachel uses a variety of techniques through her treatments including sports and deep tissue massage, trigger point techniques, soft tissue release and myofascial release. Massage can help to improve performance, prevent injury, improve recovery time and reduce pain.  

Rachel assesses your body for areas of tension and tries to address the root cause of the problem, accounting for compensation patterns so that the benefits of the treatment can continue once you leave the treatment room. 

Rachel individually tailors treatments using a variety of techniques to help get people moving more freely, reducing and understanding their pain. Techniques include, soft tissue release, trigger point, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, medical acupuncture and Wavestone massage